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Logistics & Transportation

A complete solution

We provide secure logistical services with our global network
to serve challenged environments with trusted personnel
at any point on the planet.

Allies delivers for you – literally. We know that across the vast expanses of Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, transportation and logistics are vital to maintaining stability, ensuring security, and supporting the delivery of goods, services, and people to their rightful destination on time and on budget to make the economy work. Allies has developed a fully integrated transportation and logistics system to support our economic delivery, reconstruction, and assistance programs that help our clients achieve their development goals. Whether it is trade goods, vital food products, raw materials, or other essential items, Allies provides “dock-to-door” service by leveraging multi-modal transport systems, full-service customs and clearance, and “last-mile” delivery for those hard to reach locations, especially when time is a factor or security is scarce.

Allies has strategic partnerships with all major global third-party logistics providers, and we have a dedicated staff of logistics professionals that leverage air, land, and sea shipping, along with global customs and clearance agents that will ensure your goods, products, and vital equipment arrive safely, securely, and on time.

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